The shirt ironed by your mother, before you took an exam. Your elder sister's shoulder, receiving your tears and questions. The package sent by your grandma, at the hostel where you lived as a student. The encouraging e-mail sent to you by your lover, before your great interview. Supporting the beloved ones makes a difference, when they face challenges.
When life challenges you, supporting the beloved ones may be the answer. Support Nera project and help us give hope to cancer patients.

Be our spokesperson!

In the treatment for oncologic recovery, the most important remedy is the support received by patients from their dear ones. Your support, in whatever form, is important for the thousands of patients who struggle to restore their dreams and the health they used to enjoy.

Promote our cause on your blog

Tell as many people as possible about the future clinic at Nera, through your blog or website. You may use one of our support banners, by copying the code below.

Donate a sum of money

As the proverb goes, „tall oaks grow from little acorns”, so let us join our efforts and good deeds, to support the construction of the first clinic for oncologic recovery. Donate any sum of money, however little! A seemingly insignificant donation may make the difference between life and death for the cancer patients.

Bank account

By banking transfer, online or at the bank. We have opened two bank accounts where you can deposit money, as much as you consider you can invest in this project. The money transfer can be performed at the bank or online.
The accounts are opened at INTESA SANPAOLO BANK Mosilor Agency, 272-274 Calea  Moşilor, bl.16, sector 2, Bucharest.

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RO06WBAN25110221A2064936 in EUR

Share the information.

If you cannot make a donation, tell your friends about this project. By word of mouth, we may reach the people who will provide financial support beside the moral one.