Oncologic recovery

Chocolates relieved her suffering, soft tissues dried her tears, red wine chased bad memories away, and your hand holding hers promised her better times.
What if, one day, she would not suffer because a boy broke her heart, but because she had cancer and she would be afraid of losing her life, how would you help her recover?
Oncologic recovery it's not related to medicine only. Help us to help the cancer patients. Donate!

The doctors working for Nera Clinic will implement a program for the oncologic recovery of their patients, taking into accout certain aspects that have been neglected in Romania so far:



  • Early identification of the causes and evolution mechanism of cancer;
  • Early identification and activation of the recovery potential, during the first 5 years in the evolution of the disease;

  • Counselling the patients, to help them overcome social or psychological barriers entailed by the diagnosis;


Teaching a new lifestyle
  • Counselling patients on how to eliminate stress and aggressive environmental factors that may affect their capacity to fight the disease;
  • Restoring hope and optimism, to be able to handle recovery;


Diet therapy
  • Adopting new diets intended to reduce the adverse effects of chemotherapy/radiotherapy and accelerate post-surgical recovery;


  • Therapy by exercise, in order to retrieve the functions of the body parts affected by disease;
  • Static and dynamic exercise according to customized therapy.


Therefore, oncologic recovery within Nera Clinic will be centered on an integrative approach to the patients and the care for the quality of their lives, by providing medical, social and spiritual assistance. Thus we will regain hope and the chance at a better life, for those whose dreams have been shattered by cancer.

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Irreversible separation?

Unfortunately, in Romania, cancer means separation. Definitive separation. If diagnosed early, it could be treated.