Nera clinic

How thoroughly you used to clean their wounds when they fell off the bike, while tears of fear were dropping on your hand... Your gesture was a love statement. When wounds are superficial, you can tend to them. When they are inside, you can offer help. And hope.
Cancer can be treated. At a clinic for oncologic recovery. Help us to build it!

Nera is the first clinic for oncologic recovery in Romania which will also include a research center. The clinic will provide treatment for the patients with cancer in incipient stages: finding out about it, its start, early diagnosis.


Nera Clinic will be built, with your help and that of the people willing to start it by their contribution, in Nera Valley, an unpolluted area in Caraş Severin county, Slatina Nera, Sasca Montană.


It will be a residential clinic, with 42 large and comfortable rooms, designed according to a sanatorium-type architectural and functional structure.


Each patient will be hosted with care and attention, in one-bed rooms, and will receive a 14-day recovery treatment session.

Nera is a project of „Sfânta Irina" foundation, whose main objective is to build the first Center for Oncologic Recovery in Romania.


Nera Project has obtained funding from the European Union, amounting to 70% of the total costs for project implementation, on condition that the remaining 30% should be covered by „Sfânta Irina" Foundation.


In other words, EU is the main sponsor of this project. Now, we need you to believe in it and contribute to the raising of 1.000.000 €, which will complete the EU funding.

Support Nera Clinic

By supporting the construction project of Nera Clinic, you actually support the life of cancer patients. Give them a chance!

What is Nera project?

Nera Clinic needs good deeds lovingly laid at its foundation. Help us to raise 1.000.000 €!