About cancer

How did you feel when he stormed out, slamming the door behind him? A void in your stomach and eyes burning with tears, all is gone when he returned and hugged you to make it up.
Imagine how you would feel, if he left forever?
Cancer is separation. Most of the times, permanent separation.

Cancer, known medically as „neoplasm", is a disease. A disease which, through disorderly division of cells, invades the tissues in the organism. This invasion occurs by direct growth of cancer cells in the tissues, or by the migration of these cells towards other organs.


Cancer is the second cause of mortality in Romania and Europe. Romania has the greatest number of cases in Europe for three cancer forms: lung cancer, cervical cancer and brain cancer.


Romania in figures and data:

  • Every day, 57 people find out they suffer from cancer;
  • The mortality caused by cancer is higher than in the rest of Europe;
  • There is insufficient activity for prophylaxis and early diagnosis of cancer.


Romania does not yet have an institution specialized in oncologic recovery. This why you are here: together, we can start the first clinic for oncologic recovery in Romania! Donate!

What is Nera Clinic?

Nera Clinic will be not only a health center, but also a second „home" for the cancer patients who, with your aid, will have a chance to recover.

Support Nera Clinic

Any separation is reversible. Except one. In order to avoid it, help us to build Nera Clinic.

Offer your love

If one of you dear ones suffers from cancer, be by their side, reminding them how important they are in your life.